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The Exciting World of Tol Barad PvP

Mean while in a tent this evening…



I’m a Rocketman, burning up RaF tonight…

Hey homles, check out the new ride!

If you have not heard, or live under a rock, the new Recruit-a-Friend rewards mount is the X-53 Touring Rocket two person flying mount and it’s badass! It scales to what your maximum flight speed is such as if you have epic flying and/or a 310% mount!  You might be wondering who I recruited? Well I must admit it was just myself… I used my old second account (from back in December) for the Rewards portion.

How can you get this mount? If recruiting a friend is not an option then you’ll end up paying $50 basically. But you can do this completely online (with a credit card) via the Blizzard Store!

You’ll need a new copy of World of Warcraft (classic is all thats needed, $20).
Two months worth of ‘Game Time‘ (two purchases of 30 Day Game time, $30).
Also be sure to generate the ‘Trial Key‘ from your veteran WoW account for your new one.

Links: Blizzard Recruit-A-Friend FAQ / WoWWiki Info

You’ll end up with a Month free on your veteran account along with the mount reward for one of your veteran account players! And you’ll have your second account active for three months of gameplay which the first 90 days get the ‘linked account’ leveling bonuses if you want to play with dual boxing like I did.

I made a small video of my shiny X-53 Touring Rocket below:

Youtube Link


Arena Love Game – Video

New video from Quix0ticaMusic video parody of “Love Game” from Lady GaGa.

Arena Love Game

Wanted to give the alliance a little love, so the main character for the machinimated parts was a draenei. The pvp footage is from my ud priest & since the general population wanted a mix of footage, I had just a short couple clips of me irl.


WoW Faction Change Online

Well, folks who want to reroll the opposite faction can now do so with ease if they want to pay $30.

“This service lets you change a character’s faction from Alliance to Horde or from Horde to Alliance. A mandatory opposite-faction race change is part of the faction change process, and the full range of customization options offered by the Character Re-Customization service is included as well. Each faction change costs $30.00 USD.” Check your Account Management for this service.


Check out the official faction change FAQ for more info (or Blizzard Support FAQ).
“When a character changes factions, that character’s information including achievements, reputations, and items are automatically switched to those of their new faction when appropriate.”

I think a lot of people will go for this because they can switch (and wait 60 days) then just switch back with the goal of just changing the race of the original faction.

Q:  When I change a character back to its original faction, can I select any new race?
A:  Yes. As noted previously, though, you will only be able to select a race that is available to the character’s class.
Full Q&A can be found here


Call of the Crusade

It’s here and laggy!  But really, it looks like a cool patch.

If you haven’t been following the news then catch up at with there handy Guide.


In other news: Back to Ulduar 25 tonight!  I’ll be in from the start this week with the guild.

Edit: I have a new round of achievements from today’s Ulduar 25 seen below:



Wintersaber Rep & Battlegrounds

Not much to write about today thanks to reputation grinding.  Today I did my dailies then moved on to work at the Wintersaber Trainers faction.  [Rampaging Giants] for example.


In the evening, I was grouped with some friends and we queued for Arathi Basin battlegrounds.  I managed to grab the achievement [Disgracin’ The Basin] while we killed…

Side note: The guild is not doing well on attendance and such — We did not get the chance to do any 25mans this week and even our 10man only ran one night sadly.  Hoping for change soon…


PvP Time?

Currently, my main is sitting at 630 achievements (6735 pts) which is not too bad.. but like any other addict, I want more! My friend Arcticsky has the most points in the guild (I’m #2) and she is ahead of me by a good 1100+ point lead.


Not a full set of PvP Gear but I have some nice pieces.

I think it’s time to start on those PvP achievements… like [Battlemaster]!  I did accomplish The Exalted after-all, many months ago.  That took me back to finish many classic WoW factions.

Hey, dream big — right?  I think I’ll go for Loremaster before I would Battlemaster, but I do plan to start working on many PvP achievements to bump my rank/points up some.

I know many guildies are interested in doing some pre-made PvP battleground raids.  I’ll just have to get into that with them — here I come hordies

wowTwitter note: I submitted a screenshot at:wowtwitter_pvp-blast-small