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Additional Instances Cannot Be launched

Still have troubles with zoning into an instance?  Check out the post below for updates!


The limit on active instances was originally implemented as an interim solution to ensure that all active instances perform smoothly. Within the last few weeks, we have configured and optimized our infrastructure to better handle the instance load, and many players are no longer experiencing issues with instance creation. However, to incorporate these upgrades across every realm is not a minor undertaking; it requires fairly complex coordination with third party affiliates who actually host the hardware we utilize.

This reconfiguration is already complete on more than 40% of the North American realms,the optimized realms are listed below, and the situation has noticeably improved on these realms. We are continuing to work towards the implementation of this reconfiguration for all realms, which we expect will resolve the instance creation issue for all players. We expect the optimization for all realms to be fully completed within the coming weeks, and would like to assure everyone that every effort is being made to ensure that this is completed as soon as possible.


WoW Hobbs – Video

WoWHobbs is back and in his latest video he’s dragging all of Deadmines behind him!

“I called this visual art cause I really liked watching the motion of the numbers of mobs pathing. It’s like when you drive a car vs being a passenger, you see more as a passenger. I’ve pointed out in this video what I had not seen while playing.”


Dualboxing the Simple Way

“Multiboxing is a term used to denote one user playing multiple accounts simultaneously.”

The wonderful world of Multiboxing is not for the faint of heart. However, running two WoW clients on the same PC with two monitors is much more manageable!


Dual Monitors -> Click for Larger Image - 3360px × 1080px

A friend of mine is kind enough to loan me his DeathKnight (or any character) while he’s AFK.  So I have to log on and abuse…erm–use his DK to clear some Stockades with my latest alt: Mage! I’ve grinded my 3rd alt from level 15 up to 24 (although I did quest for about one level in between).

My computer setup is simple (not a true multibox setup in my opinion):

Two monitors – Primary – 23” Widescreen LCD at 1920x1080 & Secondary – 19” Widescreen LCD at 1440x900.  Running in the center is my PC which is equipped with a AMD Phenom quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM and a GeForce 9800 GT 1024MB graphics card.  It’s not the most powerful thing out there but it definitely gets the job done.

If I had a second WoW account and wanted to truly multibox (using multiple PCs) then I have the software and articles at my disposal to do so — That day has not yet come. 
Until then, I’ll run two (or more) WoW clients on the same PC and use my two kick ass monitors to back me up for a full view on both games at all times.

More Screenshots below:


DeathKnight Point-of-View


Mage Point-of-View