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Winged Guardian, Haters gon Hate

Had to buy me a Winged Guardian to add to my various character’s collections.

$25 via Blizz Store –

It does a growl/spread wings for /mountspecial. Click an image to load full-res/large.


I’m a Rocketman, burning up RaF tonight…

Hey homles, check out the new ride!

If you have not heard, or live under a rock, the new Recruit-a-Friend rewards mount is the X-53 Touring Rocket two person flying mount and it’s badass! It scales to what your maximum flight speed is such as if you have epic flying and/or a 310% mount!  You might be wondering who I recruited? Well I must admit it was just myself… I used my old second account (from back in December) for the Rewards portion.

How can you get this mount? If recruiting a friend is not an option then you’ll end up paying $50 basically. But you can do this completely online (with a credit card) via the Blizzard Store!

You’ll need a new copy of World of Warcraft (classic is all thats needed, $20).
Two months worth of ‘Game Time‘ (two purchases of 30 Day Game time, $30).
Also be sure to generate the ‘Trial Key‘ from your veteran WoW account for your new one.

Links: Blizzard Recruit-A-Friend FAQ / WoWWiki Info

You’ll end up with a Month free on your veteran account along with the mount reward for one of your veteran account players! And you’ll have your second account active for three months of gameplay which the first 90 days get the ‘linked account’ leveling bonuses if you want to play with dual boxing like I did.

I made a small video of my shiny X-53 Touring Rocket below:

Youtube Link


Ironbound Proto-Drake

Because the Rusted Proto-Drake was sooo last week.


I’m very happy that [Disarmed] did not bug out on us.  And now I’m riding this baby (as seen above).

What now… Zero-Light Yogg Saron of course!




First ilvl245 Item

Only thing new achievement wise is [Crazy Cat Lady (25 player)] but we cleared Ulduar 25 tonight up to Yogg/Algalon tonight.  So we’ll have a full night Sunday for Yogg, can’t wait to get him down.

We had the 1 Light encounter at 2% when he enraged last week, so we were close.  Aside from that, I need Kologarn and Iron Dwarf achievements to complete my meta.

Uriahworld the Exalted - 8/13/09

Uriahworld the Exalted - 8/13/09 (No Pet Out)

The new chest piece I’m wearing is the [Flowing Vestments of Ascent] (ilvl245) from 25man Normal Trial of the Crusader.  I still keep my 4/5 set bonus from T8 because I was wearing all 5 prior to this new loot from Icehowl.

In other news, I went ahead and bought the remaining Netherwing Drake mounts that I was missing (5 total for 1000g).  I’m sitting at 78/100 Mounts for [Mountain o’ Mounts].


Rusted Proto-Drake

Oh yes, I’m now riding around on my new [Rusted Proto-Drake] mount.


What does this mean?  It means that I’ve completed the [Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player)] achievement!  Our guild 10man knocked out every achievement needed for this mount in less then 5 hours. (I only needed about 1/3 of them but some folks got all of them in one night!)

I’m super psyched to get this done… not only is it a nice feat but it’s also a 310% mount reward which makes my first “extremely fast” mount.  I missed out on the pre-patch 3.1.0 meta achievements and now those mounts are not available anymore.


Where is there to go from here?

Well, there is Algalon (which I almost have my own [Celestial Planetarium Key] finished) to complete.  Not to mention the [Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player)] which we’re currently working  on during our official raid nights.  The only hard achievement for 25man I have left is Yogg-One Light in the Darkness, aside from that it’s just Iron Dwarf Medium Rare, Disarmed and Crazy Cat Lady.

Rusted Proto-Drake Mount (Click for larger Image)

Rusted Proto-Drake Mount (Click for larger Image)


Embrace the Frostsaber

After many days & visits to Winterspring, the [Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber] is now mine!

Frostsaber Mounted Action!

Frostsaber Mounted Action! Click for a Larger Screenshot

Since I already completed my achievement for the Timbermaw rep, I ended up wasting around 150x[Winterfall Spirit Beads] but that’s OK because I’m finally done.

The grind for the Wintersaber Trainers begins and ends with Rivern Frostwind in Winterspring. 
A basic break down of the reputation is this:
Frostsaber Provisions (250 Rep) is the only quest until neutral 1500/3000.
Winterfall Intrusion (250 Rep) quest will be available once you’re halfway through neutral.
Rampaging Giants (350 Rep) opens up after Honored is achieved.

All three quests are available to repeat as soon as you unlock them through the different levels in reputation.  I would recommend that you continue to do all quests as they open up.  You might think that the Giants are too far out of your way to bother with but all you need is a kill for 4 of each, no looting required.

I abandoned this rep grind after reaching my [40 Exalted Reputations] (many months ago) because it was a really active area.  It still is after all this time but only competing against 1-3 other players for the quest mobs is not too bad in my book.  It was quite tolerable especially knowing that there is a feat of strength being added in Patch 3.2 that you receive for obtaining the Winterspring Frostsaber mount (seen below).  The achievement was enough reason for me to revisit the grind and complete my 43rd Exalted reputation.

NPC Vendor window when Exalted. Click for a Larger Screenshot

NPC Vendor window when Exalted. Click for a Larger Screenshot


Patch 3.1 Released

Well, it’s here… Patch 3.1 is live and I’m finishing my download as I type this.

I’ve been busy trying to finish my [Glory of the Hero] lately, to have it done before the patch.  I came close but I still need around 5-6 to finish the meta.  However, Blizzard is only removing the proto-drake mount from [Glory of the Raider] and it’s Heroic version according to a GM I talked to so I won’t miss out.


Mechano Water Chopper

A friend and me test drive my new Mekgineer’s Chopper…. look it works on water!

I mounted up in just the right spot and my friend used a Water Walking Elixir to hop on!

Music by:
Dem Franchize Boyz – Ridin’ Rims

Download at: