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My StarCraft II Beta Invite

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So with less than two weeks to go before release, Blizz decides to email me a beta key. This kinda makes me do a /sigh for being so late with an invite but I guess they’re sending mass invites out when the launch is very close. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to get a Beta Key for SC2 and I think it’s helped push me to buy a copy. Only the Multiplayer aspect is included in Beta but I’ve played enough now to know I’d at least like to do the Campaign bit with the actual game. My previous […]

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Call of the Crusade

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It’s here and laggy!  But really, it looks like a cool patch. If you haven’t been following the news then catch up at with there handy Guide. —————————————————————————————————————– In other news: Back to Ulduar 25 tonight!  I’ll be in from the start this week with the guild. Edit: I have a new round of achievements from today’s Ulduar 25 seen below:

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Ulduar (so far…)

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What have you been doing since the patch nine days ago? Studying for finals right! Er.. yeah.  Been busy with the changes in Patch 3.1 with Ulduar and the Argent Tournament dailies (and working on them finals). I really like our new Raid Instance so far.  The Guild has taken down two bosses including leaving 1 out of 4 towers up on the first boss (hard mode).  However, I’ve defeated three bosses on 10man already.  Will post more infos later.  I have dailies (and studying) to do. :D