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Renewed.. Love is in the Air!

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Well it’s time of the year again, the valentines are filled out & perfume/cologne is abused. This year is different though! The in-game world event for Love is in the Air received a major face-lift this year. We have a completely different system for the [Love Token] and the needed achievement items / vanity items. Many sites like and MMO-Champ have laid out the details but it’s a good change to this holiday. You can now guarantee grabbing a Peddlefeet! I’m actually not to worried about getting it complete on my alts with this nerf/change. Here is a screenshot […]

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Blizzcon ’09 Part One

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There are over 20,000 people attending Blizzcon 2009 including millions? online too. Blizzcon 2009 -Dance Contest I am not attending Blizzcon this year sadly but I’ve been watching it all day thanks to the online-stream service!  For only $40 you get access to 18+ hours of live Blizzcon plus the Grunty murloc marine pet.  Today was the first day of two for Blizzcon and I definitively do not regret buying the online-stream. There were a lot of cool costumes for the contest and the dance contest is still in progress as I post this.  Some were great but there others […]

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Wintersaber Rep & Battlegrounds

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Not much to write about today thanks to reputation grinding.  Today I did my dailies then moved on to work at the Wintersaber Trainers faction.  [Rampaging Giants] for example. In the evening, I was grouped with some friends and we queued for Arathi Basin battlegrounds.  I managed to grab the achievement [Disgracin’ The Basin] while we killed… Side note: The guild is not doing well on attendance and such — We did not get the chance to do any 25mans this week and even our 10man only ran one night sadly.  Hoping for change soon…

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King(s) of the Fire Festival

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Well, today marks the end of 2009’s Midsummer Fire Festival (6/21 – 7/5). I must say that I’m glad the festival is a whole two weeks.  The start of my week-long family vacation this year was also the start of the festival in WoW. So the first thing I did when I arrived home last weekend was to go through and do the entire world event on my main character. After completing  [The Flame Warden] on my warlock I realized that he made at least 750g or more from doing the event!  From there I thought about my two level […]