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Firelands Alysrazor Flying Point of View

Figured I’d record and share my role in this crazy fight.

This is the Firelands boss Alysrazor from a flying Point of View


Tri-Monitor Setup now

My Monoprice order has been delivered so now I have my HDMI-to-VGA adapter for my 3rd (15″) monitor, seen on the Left below:

Picture of Desk/Setup

Screenshot of Desktop

Click the images above to view the full size.


Monoprice, Always Winning

Warning, this post is almost a real blog entry! *Gasp* Anyways, I wanted to share an awesome website for those who have been overpaying for various cables assemblies.

Monoprice is the word of the day. For all your cable and adapter-like needs. I used to use Ebay primarily for such things but now I just head over to Monoprice for such things.

This is why Monoprice is always winning: I can buy all that stuff below when it would cost me pretty much $20 per item in a store (like BestBuy and Staples, or even Walmart).

Just the simple DVI to VGA adapter (below for $1.56) would have cost me $20 at almost any brick-and-mortar store.

(Monoprice) Product Qty. Unit Price

HDMI Male to DVI-D Single Link Female Adapter
1 $2.41

15ft USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Extension 28/24AWG Cable – Beige
1 $1.84

DB9 (VGA) M/DB9 M, Molded Gender Changer
1 $1.02

DVI-A Dual Link Male to HD15(VGA) Female Adapter (Gold Plated)
1 $1.56

6ft 28AWG CL2 Dual Link DVI-D Cable – Black
1 $5.25

6ft SVGA Super VGA M/F Monitor Cable w/ ferrites
1 $2.94

Subtotal : $15.02
Shipping & Handling Cost (3-5 Day) : $8.30
GRAND TOTAL : $23.32


Fun with Pistons in Minecraft

So the 1.7 Beta Patch hit Minecraft a few days ago and I was able to update my servers within about 36hours thanks to the folks at!

What has come of this patch? PISTONS! Visit for my MC Servers


Coldarra wielder of Thunderfury

My DeathKnight Coldarra has completed the [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] legendary sword from Molten Core tonight.

All I can say is that the RNG Gods favored him. I ran MC a few times this last month with him (solo) when I was bored.
So I ran MC last night, Monday, before raid reset – Bam – Garr dropped the Right Half of Thunderaan’s Eternal Prison. Tuesday came along today and I ran through it again (after I did on my warlock first of course) and – Bam – Baron drops the other half.

So I took the MATs I have saved for my Warlock (when the other half drops for him) and made the sword on my DK!
I’ll still be running MC weekly on the warlock til he gets it complete too!


Upgrade: Logitech Performance Mouse MX

So I just bought one of these tonight for $80 @ Newegg ||Logitech Performance Mouse MX
I’ve used two MX Revolutions over the last 3 years & now this one’s middle mouse click is failing
So upgrade time! Apparently this model is the new one that I just bought. Looks good on paper, we’ll see.
I kinda don’t care about the “Darkfield Laser Tracking” although being able to use my mouse on glass (4mm+ thick) is pretty neat.

Edit: Image added below


Now with Battery Backup!

Well since the move, we’ve had a few power issues. So I had to hit Microcenter for a UPS!

This is something I’ve wanted for a good while now so I decided to dive-in with this beauty:

Cyberpower – 1200VA / 720W UPS with AVR & USB/Serial Connectivity


Greetings, Professor Uriahworld here

Well I finally got around to working Archaeology for the last few days.

And thus I completed my 20th (& 21st) rare project today for: It Belongs in a Museum!


Muffin Button?

Yesterday I was bored in class so this was the result:


Winged Guardian, Haters gon Hate

Had to buy me a Winged Guardian to add to my various character’s collections.

$25 via Blizz Store –

It does a growl/spread wings for /mountspecial. Click an image to load full-res/large.